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Last night I dreamt I was a young Harry Potter » I was hiding in flower bushes from two evil wizards who cast a spell to make the wild vines whip me where I was hiding. If being Harry Potter wasn’t enough, I also attended an all boys juvi for young men recovering from an addiction » sniffing meth from a white hankie. WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN?! Maybe it is time to party :D

So many dreams, so little time

I have had some pretty intense dreams as of late and for some reason I keep forgetting to document them. Last night involved time travel via bedroom objects to get high, this was an amazing full body high which I could feel for real. Then warping into playing in a soccer tournament – each time getting to the goal then kicking way off target, until finally scoring the one and only goal of the match. Then warping to a share house of friends and comforting my buddy Hyde (from that 70s show) - telling him that yes, girls do actually like going on dates that are chilled out, all of that while in this dude house which was shockingly splattered with an intense pink interior (bedrooms included) :/

The Shark Hive

Ever since I can remember I have had this re-occurring dream every few years where I find myself in an aquatic centre by night. The only light source being a couple flood lights that beam down harshly on the centre’s grounds.

The dream is highly intense and stressful as I find myself trying to balance and walk through an endless shark hive, with only a thin edge (about 1 pool tile wide) to balance on. Each hive pocket contains a great white shark, others housing hammer head sharks. There is always the odd dolphin drop thrown in, these are the ‘safe’ drops.

The dream time is made up of me balancing and shuffling through the hive, loosing balance and re-gaining it, whilst feeling like all my muscles have tensed up to the point of paralysis. The only hope is that maybe, if I am lucky, I will eventually get to the end of an edge where a large concrete platform awaits with no threat of a deep, dark, death awaiting fall.

The hive is made from traditional blue pool tiles about 3 X 3cm wide – the kind that have a high gloss and slippery when wet. The scribble above outlines the shark hive, with the top half detailing the construction of the hive below standing level, as if to look through from the side with x-ray vision. 

Being disabled and getting to Mum’s house

Last night I dreamt that I was somewhat disabled, I was unable to walk for some reason, and was a lot smaller than I normally am. I felt a little bit midget, and was a half filipino half indian version of myself at the age of 9. I got around by using this motorised walking stick thing that was extendable and very low to the ground with what I think was a fold out sitting panel.

In my dream my Dad was Indian and my Mum Filipino, but they had separated. I remember being told off by my Dad and wanting to escape the conflict by leaving home and going to my Mum’s place, I felt frustrated at being disabled and needing to depend on someone to get there. Then I remembered that I had this device in my back pack (“It’s in my BACK PACK!”) which I was yet to make use of, it was a compact transformable motorised walking stick, the day was saved.

I can clearly remember the feeling of riding this thing. It was a rough and bumpy ride across crunchy gravel roads, the bigger bumps caused by small stones which had come loose from the footpath and had fallen into/near the gutter. Since I was quite small I kept close to the gutter for safety.

Most of my dream time was taken up by the journey from my place to my Mum’s with strong visuals from a low to the ground perspective of me moving across large planes of concrete at a pretty decent speed. I then arrived at my destination, the house didn’t look as though from a small asian village, it was a small suburban villa which you would expect to see in Brisbane or Sydney, Australia.

Sleepy Dreamer?

Sleepy Dreamer has been created for the purpose of recording and archiving messages, images, and stories brought to me through sleep.